House is Home

Owning a house is owning a Home.
A home can not be looked at through the prism of investment.
The simple quality of the Home is in its comfort, safety, location and joy of coming back to it every day.
A house as a building, at the same time, is the only safe investment, historically proven, available to us.
Families are involved in making the decision about purchasing their second house, their third house, and their fourth one in a span of 20 something years, for themselves and for their loved ones.
If you are thinking of buying a new Home, let’s explore the market with a sharp eye, careful planning, preparedness and fast action.
The most positive aspect of today’s market is interest rates, at a historic low, which will help to pay debt faster, more efficiently and be debt free in a time not achievable in the previous generations.
I do business mostly by referral and repeat transactions from my Clients.
Though I work in the entire GTA, I have special extensive knowledge of North York and York Region. I’ve been here since 1983.I guarantee to my Clients my personal engagement and professional and comprehensive service.